Best upcoming phones 2018: UK release dates for all new smartphones launching this year

Need a phone upgrade? Find out the best new smartphones launch in 2018

To determine whether you should buy a new phone today or wait for the next best thing, I’ve listed the best upcoming smartphone launch in 2018.

Upcoming Smartphone of 2018: Estimated Release Dates;

  • Moto Z3, Z3 Force: 2 August 2018
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9: August 2018
  • iPhone 9 / 11 / XI: September 2018
  • iPhone SE 2: September 2018
  • Google Pixel 3: October 2018
  • Samsung Galaxy S10: January 2019

Moto Z3, Z3 Force: 2 August 2018

After the surprise announcement of the Z3 Play, Motorola has announced it has an event on 2 August in Chicago. Here, we expect the manufacturer to launch the Z3/Z3 Force. These are flagship phones, so expect it to cost between £500-700, and have flagship internals.
If the G6, G6 Play and G6 Plus are anything to go by, the Z3 will be a seriously competitive phone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9: August 2018

Note is expected to arrive at on August 9, 2018. At this stage there is very little known on the handset. Rumors say that it will include an under-display fingerprint sensor, which will be the first of its kind. Reminiscent of Design Note 8, in which there is only the only difference in the removal of the back-end fingerprint sensor.

iPhone 9 / 11 / XI: September 2018

Every year we’re greeted with a brand-new iPhone from Apple. The launch of its phones for the past couple of years has been at a dedicated event that takes place at Apple’s headquarters in the US.
At this stage, there’s barely any information out there around the new iPhone, but we’re sure that Apple will release a successor to the iPhone X and its iPhone 8, 8 Plus line. Expect a big price tag, wireless charging, Face ID and an even faster processor.

iPhone SE 2: September 2018

The iPhone SE was rumored to come out in June, but it seems Apple has reserved a June event for the latest MacBook refresh. There are rumors that SE2 will die, while others think it’s a chance to be displayed. We are hoping that the apple does not hit the small size flagship and refreshes it with new and updated specs in September 2018, where the company usually announces its new iPhone range.

As for specs, we’d expect it to pack Apple’s latest chip, be waterproof and no, it won’t have a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Google Pixel 3: October 2018

It looks like the Google Pixel 3 is on the cards, and why shouldn’t it be? The Pixel line has been a hit with many – from its incredible camera performance to its Android operating system that’s always going to be on the latest iteration of Google operating system.

The phone will likely run on the latest Snapdragon 845 processors and you guessed it, an even better camera with potentially a few more lenses at the back, too.

Samsung Galaxy S10: January 2019

The Galaxy S10 is rumored to be the most innovative Samsung phone to date. Rumored to come out in January 2019, the phone is expected to have an in-display fingerprint reader, an even better camera, faster specs than the S9 and might even be a fordable phone – only time will tell.

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