google congressional hearing Visits US Congress to Counter.

google congressional hearing Visits US Congress to Counter.

Google congressional hearing Google’s chief executive Sunder Pichai, before an important hearing on the capitol, under the efforts to reduce political tension between the company and google congressional hearing, and the Trump administration, a rare visit to Washington on Friday to protect the search giant against conservative online silent charges Paid for Hill later this year.

A few weeks after President Donald Trump, Google accused the “harsh” search results, the company’s leader met the White House on Friday, meeting with Larry Kudallo, one of the president’s top economic advisers, a White House Spokesman confirmed.The White House announced that during the private session, the focus was focused on “Internet platforms and generally affecting the economy”, “Pichai took part in the roundtable with the President and other internet stakeholders” Agreed. “

The spokesman said that the details, including the other technical giants invited in the meeting, will be forthcoming. Earlier, Koodlow said that the Trump administration was open to regulate search results, but the president seemed to remove himself from the idea later.

Earlier on Friday, Pichai also demanded to confront its critics on Capitol Hill. At a meeting with a dozen House Republicans, GOP leader Kevin McCarthy, California stressed on Pitchai that party lawmakers are concerned about “what is going on with the transparency and the power of social media today”, in particular Given the fact that Google 90 percent of the world’s discoveries.


Google has denied for a long time that this conservative censor does. According to the person participating in the meeting, according to the person participating in the meeting, Pichai explained during a long hour long meeting with lawmakers that how the company establishes its teams and to prevent bias, their algorithms Code.
Pichai’s visit to Washington, this fall comes in anticipation of his attendance at the hearing, on which lawmakers insist that they will not only insist on the allegations of censorship but also other issues facing the company – in which privacy protection It also encompasses the ambitions of users and their heavy sensors to relaunch their search engines in China.
After leaning with the lawmakers, Pichai described his conversations as “creative and informative”, in which a statement states that Google is committed to continuing an active dialogue with members of both sides of the corridor, Working on behalf of the Congress on various issues actively, explains how our products help millions of American consumers and businesses, and as such They arise, respond to their questions. “
But Pichai’s personal outreach – the beginning of the people coming out – got out of a fierce month for Google in the country’s capital. With the recent attacks of Trump, the fear about the size and power of the technical industry was dominated by a meeting between the Department of Justice and the State Lawyer this week, where some officers, on the privacy and untrustworthy basis of Google and its technical industry Expressed openness to investigate.

Other people in Washington ask whether Google and the rest of the tech industry are ready to stop foreign governments like Russia from spreading online promotion before the November elections. Yet, in this matter, Google has troubled lawmakers who have opted against sending Pichai or Larry Page, Chief Executive Officer of the parent company Alphabet to testify in a Senate hearing this month. Instead, lawmakers left an empty chair in the witness table to reflect Google’s absence and removed the company anyway on many issues.

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In an indication that some Democrats and Republicans are confused with Google, Sense Richard Burr, R-N.C, and Mark Warner, D-VA, – panel leaders asked Google to give evidence – refused to meet Pichai. This week, according to two people familiar with the matter, who were not authorized to talk on the record of google congressional hearing. Bor’s office refused to comment; Warner’s spokesman confirmed the matter.
Instead, Pichai started on Thursday with members of House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, Calif.. and Sen. Brian Schatz, D-Hawaii, the spokesman confirmed. Schatz used the opportunity to press Google on his privacy practices, his colleague said, because he and other lawmakers have the weight of whether they want to restrict the way in which technology giants can collect and monetize users’ data The rules should be passed.
In Friday’s meeting, the House Judiciary Committee Chairman, Rip. Bob Goodlate, R.V. Said that he and his colleagues “gave a notice” to Pichai to expect questions on issues including “unbelief issues” and charges of conservative bias. The date of hearing is not announced before the panel.
GoodLate said, “His interest is very much in algorithms, how do the algorithms work, how are those algorithms monitored?” Some Republicans also pressed Google’s ambitions in China, however Pitchai insisted that Google is far away from the final decision to launch a sensor version of its search engine, according to GoodLate.

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