google Pixel phones: pixel 3 or 3 XL: Specification


As we count the days of October 9 – when we expect Google to present their next flagship in a program in New York City – Let’s stock everything we know.
Although Google has not officially announced the Pixel 3 and the Pixel 3XL, which is a flood of leaks – like, we have so many leaks that we are starting to know that they were deliberately – whatever we May hope to have provided a remarkable vivid picture of her. Russian bloggers throw a lot of beans in a full multimedia showcase posted at the beginning of this year. And then found a prototype pixel 3XL filled in even more details in the back of a lift.If half of the rumors are also true, then the hard press will be put to surprise Google to the official introduction of the phone. (We have reached Google to verify the authenticity of the leak, but have not heard back.)
But there may be some revelations in the Google Store. The latest version of the Android operating system, known as Android pie, is adding enhancements to the multiplayer AR and its superior voice support – which might possibly be integrated into Pixel 3. (Apple has shown that its multiplayer AR in the iPhone Xs launch and brought a very necessary change to Siri with ios 12.) And pixel 3 and pixel 3 XL might be different from each other in the last years – mainly rumored by Google because of its design like iPhone Big model.
We have gathered the top discussion on Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL below, and will continue to update this place regularly with news and rumors.


Rumor: Google will present Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL on October 9

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According to Bloomberg, Google is planning to unveil new pixel phones in New York on October 9. Normal time frame is after example: On October 4, 2016, the company introduced Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL and the original pixel phone exactly on October 4, 2017, on October 4, 2016.

Rumor: new camera features

According to Leaked by John Processor of Front Page Tech, via Twitter, Pixel 3 will include a camera feature named “Top Shot” which captures photos of people at the right time.

Rumor: New UI tricks

An authorized Google Marketing Video, which was previously posted by MySmartPrice and embedded below, shows several new features in Pixel 3. The video shows the familiar pixel navigation element – swiping for notifications and squeezing sides to launch Google Assistant – and by pressing the Power button for a new, screenshot.and there are other new tricks: A business card uses pixel camera to identify and draft emails. Another example shows a restaurant name identifying the phone in an email, and offers the option to make reservations.

Rumor: Google to Unveil New Pixel Stand Charger

It is said that in addition to the new phones, Google has developed a new wireless charger named “Pixel Stand” according to MySmartPrice. A perceived image shows a white dock with an orange floor and a small “G” logo connected to the USB-C cable. MySmartPrice says that the stand will turn your pixel into a smart app, which will have access to the shortcut for music apps, Google Assistant and notifications.
It has been noted that XDA developers have found evidence in the Android pie beta release which indicates support for wireless charging. And if the new pixel ends with a glass back – this is another rumor – it will be more suited for wireless charging. Google has previously made wireless charging phones (such as Google Nexus 6 and Nexus 5), but with the launch of the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P, it has closed in 2015.


Rumor: pixel 3 xl gets a notch, pixel 3 does not

Traditionally, pixels and pixels XL are almost identical – except size difference. It can change around this time. Google is rumored to provide Pixel 3XL with a footprint like an iPhone to adjust an updated camera system. The first leaked photos gave us our first look at the bigger model, after which an unknown Reddit user distributed clear images of small pixels 3 through 9to5Google. And now we have a picture that Lean Evan Blas says that both handsets are side-by-side.
The images are first compatible with the leaks, in which pixel 3 xl is displayed, in which there is a display display – not just any notch, but a bigger, darker footing – and a pixel 3 with more traditional layout. We know that Android supports phones with phone phones, so, at least, perceptionally it checks.

Rumor: Earbuds like Pixel Bud were included

It is believed that the Russian bloggers got their hands on Pixel 3XL from the Ukrainian Black Market Dealer. And the unboxing video he posted showed a pair of earbuds with a muscle, pixel-bud design. If the package is real, then it will be new; Pixel 2 did not come with any headphones.
The images of headphones have also incorrectly written the “@” email address on the label, which is a small sketch. When we tried to email this address, our email was bounced, so keep in mind that all this could be a cunning fake.
Separately, a telegram user @LuchkovCH “leaked” pictures of Pixel 3XL and dropped a YouTube video here. In it, they run through the settings menu, launcher and ongoing benchmark. Take a look at (notated) front, familiar looking bench and look like a USB-C charging port.

Confirmed: This will not be the first Android device

Estimating that Google will introduce its latest operating system at Pixel 3, the company released Android Pie on August 6 for the current generation of pixel phones. However, the Pixel 3 is probably the first phone pi to run the box, if it counts in any way.

Android pi is mostly focused on backwards visual improvements designed to work faster while saving battery life, but it paves the way for the pixel XL footprint.

Rumor: Pixel 3 XL faces face

Gizmo According to the leak in the recent case from China, there are two front face cameras in Pixel 3XL. Leaked images also show that the speaker will be located at Bezel below the front and the fingerprint reader will be located at the bottom of the camera.

Rumor: A new display for two front cameras and pixel 3XL

In addition to the footprint, Bloomberg found that the Pixel 3XL will have side-to-side display and two front-facing cameras. However, in Tiny Pixel 3, none of these things will be clearly. German news site Winfutcher, which has a very reliable record with technical rumors, also said that Google will partner with Taiwanese manufacturer Foxconn (the same company that builds the iPhone) to create a “new display hardware”.

Rumor: Premium Pixel 2018 Will Fight The iPhone

Tech blog Dodid Life reported that Google has three new pixel phones in the pipeline for 2018. In addition to standard and XL models in all three, the $ 1,000 iPhone intend to compete with XS may include a mysterious high-end version. As a reminder, the 64 GB pixel starts at 2 $ 649 and the pixel 2 xl starts at $ 849 (£ 799 or AU $ 1,399).

Rumor: Google has a cheaper pixel

According to the Economic Times, Google is developing a cheap “midrange” pixel for emerging markets that can start this summer. It is not clear whether Google will bring this budget model to the US; Time pixels are not synchronized from the beginning of October. But, depending on the price, such a phone can make an interesting foil for Apple’s new $ 749 iPhone XR.

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