How to Block Jio from Showing Ads on your Android Phone

Since I added the Reliance jio 4G SIM to my Android phone, I have been bombing with fullscreen overlay ads. Ads appear interactively, but when you disconnect the phone call or when you charge the device, they will almost always show up.

  • I use limited Android apps from known developers and it was absolutely certain that adware was related to the phone call service. To disable ads, after tilting with every possible setting inside Android, I went to Twitter for help. Uninstall MyJio, Jio 4G Voice, MyJio and all other Jio apps.

1. Uninstall Jio 4G Voice, MyJio, and all other Jio app. 

2. Cancel all permissions of Jio applications. Long press the app icon, press the info button, go to App Permissions and untick everything. Also, close the “Draw on Apps” permission for the Jio app.
3. Android Oreo or later, go to Settings> Apps> My Jio and close the “App can appear at the top” setting. You probably need to do this for every live app on the device.

4. Root the phone and install ADway, an ad block that uses the host file to block specific hostnames and IP addresses.

5. Use a green fire to hibernate all the live apps and prevent the app from playing in the background.

6. Disable ‘telephone’ access for all live apps. Even jio Mags has the default access to ‘Telephones’!

7. Toggle background data to disable data access for all jio-related apps. Unfortunately, none of these suggestions works.

 Meanwhile, after watching the tweets, the jio team contacted me and asked for the phone’s IMEI number. A week later, I received a call from the jio Support team and said that the problem should be resolved.

Yes, even though I already had all the live apps on my phone, no pop-up ads were found. Did it change? It was found that a jio Support Representative told me that these ads can only be disabled by jio for the requested phone number in favor of the server.

In essence, if you are feeling annoyed with ads related to jio on your phone, then send a tweet to @JioCare and be able to help them. It reminds me of Amazon – just pings your support team and they will happily remove the ad from your kindle.

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