Optimize mobile apps to rank higher in the Google Play Store

Do you have a mobile app in the Google play store but you are not getting enough downloads?

Are you planning to keep mobile app in the future?

The process of creating an app and uploading it and optimizing it to achieve the best results are equally important functions. Here are the best ways to optimize mobile apps to get the best results.

Table of Contents:


  • Detecting – Understanding App Store Optimization
  • How are apps ranked in Google Play?
  • Customize the mobile app for better store searched
  • The importance of screenshots, videos and graphics
  • Review, rating and user experience
  • Social factors and benefits
  • Targeting potential and correct users
  • Other important factors


App Store Optimization:

Similar to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which means to make your content rank high in search engines, App Store optimization is the process of improving the visibility of mobile apps in Play Store Search. The whole idea behind the ASO is to optimize mobile apps to display your app at the top. And
The whole idea behind the ASO is to optimize your mobile app to display your app at the top. And, therefore, drive users to your app page and increase downloads. If your app is shown at the top of other similar apps, then the potential for a user to download your app to another app is very high.
How are Ranked your App in Play Store?
No wizard knows the exact algorithm used by Google Play Store for app ranking, but experts say that there are definitely some ranking factors that play the most important role in your app’s ranking in app stores. We will talk about Google Play Store, other app stores will follow similar factors.
  • Downloads The number of downloads of your app reflects your app’s popularity. The more downloaded your app, the more likely it is in the top search results.
  • App Reviews and Ratings– Quality ensures that one factor values ​​Google and it reflects in search optimization. Apps with more positive reviews and better ratings are given a lot of priority for users with less rating apps. Less popular apps with less downloads but better ratings are ranked higher than popular apps with low ratings.
  • Long Installs-How long a user installs the app on his mobile, it is definitely a factor that Google believes. Google app tracks the installation time and provides positive points for long-installed apps.
  • Uninstalls-After the latest version release, the app will be uninstalled immediately after the app is uninstalled or uninstalled, of course your app will get poor ranking in search results.
  • Social Links-The app on the Play Store is also connected to Google +1 Boost, which is called as a recommendation. More + 1 or recommendation is better for app.
Search in the App Store is the most popular and easy way to find and receive new installs or downloads. When you create or upload your app on Google Play store, you can take care of the following to customize the mobile app:
  • App Title-The name given to your app can work in both the positive and negative ways in the app search box. If your app title contains the right keywords related to your app, then this search increases the likelihood of users searching for it. Use your main keyword in the app title.
  • Description-When giving details of your app, your policy should be small and strong. Describe what your app does. Do not forget to include social evidence like awards or not covered by major media agencies. Only a few lines are shown in the details. Therefore it is recommended to use fire words. Add your targeted keyword 3-4 times to the description. Remember that the first 167 character of your app description becomes a meta description for the search engine.

Importance of Screenshots, Videos, and Graphics

There are millions of apps in the Google App Store and there is a very strong possibility that an app like you exists. Converting every user on your downloads and details page is very important for the user to install the app.


The screenshot of the app and its design comes to the user to see what he will find after downloading the app. Uploading high definition screenshots of all sizes will definitely increase the chance of the user who downloads your app.
Google App Store allows developers to show the app’s video in the details page. With this feature, you can display the distinctive features of your app and allow the user to download his app. Graphics play an important role in the app store. To show the app icon, there is a big thing from the app icon to the graphics that captures the user’s eyes and sticks them to your app.
Reviews, Ratings, and User experience
Your app rating is directly related to your app’s search ranking. If your app has a 5-star user rating, then you stand a high chance to be shown in search results when a user searches for a particular category of apps in which your app falls.
To get a 5-star rating on the Play Store, ask users to leave feedback and promote your app. Customize your mobile app and add a call to the action button in your app that asks users to leave a review about your app on the Play Store.
Users’ feedback can be used to improve the next version of your app so that your app users have a better experience. Read reviews written by users and fix problems in the following versions.
Targeting Potential and Correct Users
Separate app appeal for a different type of audience. Viewers may vary on factors such as location, age group or other factors. For the better marketing and success of the application, it is important that we find our potential listeners and users. Targeted mobile apps perform better than normalized apps.
Other Important Factors
There are a few other small factors to optimize the mobile app for Google play store and get better search results
  • Responsive apps-Different types of devices like mobile, tablet etc. in the market It is recommended to create all those apps that are compatible with all types of devices. Tablet compatible apps increase traffic and increase opportunities for better display in search results.
  • Smaller size-Memory is limited to mobile devices and the user wants to make the most of it. If you make a heavy and big size app, then there is a big chance to uninstall. It is recommended that developers create apps that are small in size and if they are installed, take less space in mobile devices.
  • Incoming links-Like SEO for general sites, more internal links for your app pages will help in better rankings.
Well, these are some suggestions that have helped many app developers and businesses to improve their Android app’s organic reach in the Google Play store. If you know more about app optimization tips for high ranking, then let us know in the comment section below. Here are some more hand-written articles that every app developer should read once: