10 killer ways to promote YouTube videos for high traffic

Do you have a youtube channel and publish videos regularly? It does not matter how much time you spend making your videos; If you are not marketing and promote YouTube videos, then your work will never be seen with the majority of your target audience.

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But YouTube video promotion is an art that anyone can learn … with little discipline. In this guide, I’ve shared strategies and techniques that you can follow to your YouTube video for market and promotion.

These suggestions are tested, tested, and tested for almost video from everywhere. Think of this post as a checklist that you need to follow after making your video.

So without delay, let’s learn the art of promote YouTube videos!

How To Boost A Youtube Video And Get More Scene:

Note: In the upcoming post in our YouTube promotional series, I will explain these sub-topics in detail. If you are a YouTube professional or are planning to become one, then you should subscribe to our blog updates to update or download our iOS / Android app.

1. Video Title:

The title of your video is widely seen and shared widely on the Internet, or is a major decision-making factor among just a few ideas.

It is a good idea to find the right keywords to find out what people are searching for and creating a great title around .

Here are some tips for writing great video titles on YouTube:

  • Keep them short and at the point.
  • If you can, add the current year (Best: Best Tips for 2018).
  • Pay attention to the attention
  • Include keywords at the beginning of the title (where possible).
  • Use “power word” (ex: best, great, incredible).
  • Use the term emotional trigger (ex: erotic, lonely, obsessive, sensor).
  • Capitalize your title title. Use this tool to help you.

2. Video Tags:
One of the biggest mistakes that obstruct the development of organic promotions of your YouTube videos is incorrect tag usage.

Tagging in YouTube works differently in the blog post. If you have never paid attention to YouTube tags, then there is a good time to start now. You can go back and edit all your old tags.

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Here are some rules for using the YouTube video tag:

  • Use a unique branded tag so your videos can be shown in related videos. Formerly, use your brand name in all videos. (See screenshot below.)
  • Use your main keywords as video tags.
  • Use your keyword variation as a tag (get help from the YouTube Auto-Suggest feature).
  • Find tags used by high ranking videos and use them in your video. You can use the Tubebuddy Chrome extension to help others find the tags used.

3.Use A Custom Thumbnail:

verified YouTube accounts can take advantage of custom thumbnails feature. A good video thumbnail helps you stand in a related video and suggest video section.

Here are some tips for thumbnails:

  • Take a resolution of 1280 x 720 (with a minimum width of 640 pixels).
  • Upload to either .JPG, .GIF, .BMP, or .PNG.
  • Keep it under 2 MB.
  • Try using 16: 9 aspect ratios as it is most used in the YouTube player and preview.

4. Focus On Branding:

There are some branding things you should do from now on, to ensure that each video will be standing. One of those things is using a branded introduction and outro.

  • YouTube introduction: A 3-5 second clip that walks in the beginning to display your brand.
  • YouTube Outro: It’s finally running and can be as simple as showing related videos for your channel or asking users to subscribe and subscribe.

5. Share Videos On Social Media:

If you are a video blogger, then you have some social media properties for your YouTube channel. This gives you the opportunity to create a community outside YouTube and create direct traffic from other popular social media / social networking channels.

  • Facebook page
  • Twitter profile
  • Google Plus page
  • Instagram profile
  • Pinterest profile
  • Whatsapp group

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You can use tools like buffer to schedule videos to be shared on your social media channels. You can take advantage of IFTT + buffer integration to automatically share your newly published videos to your social media pages.
One important tip here:
  1. Always share your video after regular interval

6. Strat A Blog For Youtube Channel:

If you are a full time YouTube, then you should not miss making a blog for your YouTube video. These days, embedding YouTube videos on a blog is very easy and you can create a blog on any free or paid platform.
I recommend you create blogs and use video-specific WordPress themes using WordPress. It’s better for you to use managed wordpress hosting so you do not have to worry about blog maintenance.
At the same time, you can use plugins like:
  • Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin – To make your blog rank high.
  • YouTube Viral Subscribe Plugin – Automatically add “Subscribe to Channel” tag after each video.



7. Create a playlist or add video to an existing playlist:

A YouTube playlist is a great way to get more ideas on your current video. When you upload a new video, add it to the playlist (either what you make or the current one).
If you are creating a new playlist, follow these steps:
  • Give a meaningful name in the playlist and place any keyword in the title of that playlist.
  • Add a detailed description of the playlist and enter your keyword there.
  • The same video group in the same playlist.
  • More than one video can be listed in more than one playlist.

8. Use Calls To Action:

On social media sites, people should be told about the actions you want to take. Ask the audience to like and subscribe to your channel at the end of the video, or even anywhere in the middle. Also, you can ask them to share videos with those who can benefit from it.
Most major YouTube stars use this technique to take advantage of their current audience. If you have never done this before, start moving it ahead of your next video. You will be surprised to know that only by asking, the number of shares increases substantially.
9. Interview Effect in Your Niche:
This is not a direct YouTube video promotional technology, but it fits perfectly into the overall strategy of your channel promotion.
An influencer interview gives you an opportunity to reach a thriving community already in your niche. Not only will you attract the attention of special people who follow that special effect, you will also pay attention to the industry as well.
You can find top effects in your niche and you can interview using Google Hangouts or Skype. For Skype, you can use tools like Acme Call Recorder.
10. Spend Time To Learning YouTuber’s Creator Academy:
One of the main reasons for growing YouTube marketers is that they focus on publishing more and publishing more videos. YouTube is one of the fastest changing platforms, and it is important for you to know about all the current and emerging tips and tricks.
You can use the Creator Academy by YouTube to find some helpful tips to get the most out of your YouTube video (and completely your channel). When I started learning here, I was surprised to learn so many developments and tricks that I did not remember otherwise.
Boost your YouTube videos and get more views:
Well, these are some of the simplest promotion strategies and techniques you can use today for your YouTube videos.

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